People often ask what we do here at Human Angle. Is it Counselling? Is it Human Resources? The answer is Yes and Yes. We do both.

So, why do we do it?

In life and in business, people are central. As human beings in society today, we spend most of our time focused on our personal and professional lives. We live, we work – and  we play! In this life, we aim to maintain balance and pursue happiness.

Today, let’s look at business. As a manager, a leader or company owner, you have a responsibility and an impact on the lives of your staff.

Are they engaged in your business? Will they go above and beyond for you and your brand? Do your staff have purpose, direction and understanding?

If you’re not sure or can say no, and you want to turn it around, then that’s where we help. We’ll listen to you, get an understanding of what’s happening, collaborate with you on an agreed action plan and clearly communicate the progress, changes and outcomes to you. Human Angle helps you complete the picture of a successful business.

A great product or service needs great people behind it. To increase that greatness, your people need to learn, be challenged, be respected. They need to understand and be understood.

That’s what we do.

At Human Angle, we’ve got 13 years experience in Human Resources, across Europe and Asia Pacific. Industry knowledge ranges from financial services to elite sport to hospitality and more. As your trusted Business Partner, we’ll support and drive programs, strategy and operations for your people.

So why are we different?

Melanie, our Personal and Professional Development Director, has always focused on HR from a balanced perspective. If the business is operating fairly and making the workplace an attractive place for people to work, then your risk is low and your returns are high. Yes, HR is a business function, but it’s the conduit between the floor and the executives. The HR role is not to side with the business as such; it is to provide a purposeful, safe and legally compliant workplace, which in turn provides productivity, high performance and engagement.

It’s not Us and Them. It’s all Us.

So if you want to improve, shape and build greatness in your workplace, give us a call on 0488198080.