Are you looking to reduce stress and anxiety? Would you like support in managing depression? Are there questions about yourself that you’d like to find the answers to? Counselling is a positive and professional way to break old habits and unhealthy beliefs, and increase self-awareness, feelings of content and find inner peace.  With a Masters qualified and fully registered Counsellor, you’ll have strong support and gentle guidance throughout the journey.

For couples and those looking to improve relationships together, we appreciate that working our way through these challenges isn’t easy, and having a professional Counsellor can support your process.  Taking a balanced approach, we’ll listen to both sides, gain and support understanding and collaborate with you both about how to move forward. Communication will be key and we’ll help you find an effective way to achieve your relationship goals, whatever they may be.

We also support your business. For employees experiencing bullying, stress, personal struggles or grief, we offer counselling through our Human Support Program.

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Training and Workshops


Who gets the oxygen mask first? An interactive workshop to build resilience for you and your team

Why do I need it?

A lack of self-care can result in burn out, compassion fatigue, loss of respect, depression and anxiety. This workshop focuses on what self-care is, practical case studies and the development of our own self-care plan.

For Health Practitioners or for Everyone you can book online or phone Melanie on 0488198080

Hire Smart

Recruitment and selection is a skill - do it right and you'll reap the benefits - so will your business

Bring in the right people for your business

Recruitment is more than just an ad and an interview. This training program will help you understand your conscious and unconscious bias, help you to ask the right questions and get the answers you need.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Build self-awareness, resilience and understanding through mindful practice.

It starts with you

Mindfulness increases focus, memory, compassion and calmness. To become the best you can be, whatever your role, start with you. We’ll talk about the theory and demystify Mindfulness, then do a guided meditation. Practical and meaningful.

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People Leader

Learn about your impact and style to support your role as an effective people leader

What's your style?

Understanding how you lead, how you manage and what motivates your team is the first step in becoming and effective leader and manager. For new and existing people managers, this interactive training will support your career journey.

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Your Business Partner

At Human Angle, we’ve got the support you need to develop and sustain your business. If your business is not yet ready for a Human Resources department, let us help you with the tools, framework and programs you need.

Our practical and down to earth approach will help reduce risk and build confidence.

Why Choose Us

      • Over 14 years experience in Human Resources, across Europe and Asia Pacific
      • Practical and down to earth approach to you, our unique client
      • We’re local – based in the Yarra Valley, ideal for business in the Eastern suburbs
      • Flexible and adaptable business partners
      • We listen, understand, collaborate and communicate

What Client’s Say

Melanie transformed our HR department with a polished and flexible program of work. Her focus and structure around policy, process and ensuring compliance to legislation was excellent. She developed and facilitated engaging programs for our staff, and was readily available to provide expert advice and guidance to everyone, from Executives to managers to staff. Melanie took the HR function of the Hawthorn Football Club to the next level.
Tim Silvers, Chief Operating Officer, Hawthorn Football Club