Do you want to reduce risk in your business? Are your Human Resource practices up to date?

The rules seem to change so often! And HR in 2007 is not HR in 2017…

When you’re busy running your company, the focus is (importantly) on your product.

Taking time to review other aspects, such as employment contracts, wages, Modern Awards and policies can be difficult, and let’s face it – it’s probably not going to be particularly stimulating!

Would you like someone else to do it for you?

This is where Human Angle can help. Melanie has been working in HR for over 12 years in many different industries, so you know you’re getting solid advice. Attention to detail is our strong point – so don’t worry about whether you know what is right or wrong, we can assess that for you. Best of all, we can address your issues too, no mess, no fuss.

It sounds easy because it is.

Let us take on the work for you, so you can focus on what you love. Your business, your product and your people. We’ll be your business partner and give you peace of mind, knowing that you are compliant, offering fair terms and conditions to your staff and that you have someone to call if you get stuck.

Call Melanie on 0488198080 or email