Human Angle: Your Local Employee Assistance Program
If you’re a Manager or business owner, you’ll likely understand the impact of your employees taking sick leave or underperforming in their roles. In Australia, businesses lose $4.7 billion per year in absenteeism…but what’s scarier, is that they lose $6.1 billion per year due to presenteeism. Presenteeism is where your staff member attends work, but is unproductive and underperforms.
We’re all pushed to ‘soldier on’ and attend the workplace when we’re ill but the reality is, your business won’t benefit from it. A warm (or feverish) body will not produce positive results. You’ll be paying for a presence, not productivity.
One of the biggest reasons for presenteeism is mental health issues. The stigma and the fact that you can’t see the illness is a factor in employees showing up for work when they are unfit to perform.
Damage to mental health in the workplace is caused by many different factors; bullying, lack of clarity or purpose, lack of job security and poorly managed change, to name a few. Add to that personal circumstances such as grief, loss, trauma and financial strain.
So what now? Research shows that every $1 spent on identifying, supporting and case-managing workers with mental health issues yields close to a 500% return in improved productivity (through increased work output and reduced sick and other leave). Yes, I had to look at that twice too.
So what can you do to support your employees and increase productivity in your workplace?
In a recent online poll, 74% of participants offered their workplace access to an Employee Assistance Program.
An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, offers a variety of counselling and coaching support to your Managers and staff. The issues don’t have to be workplace related but can have significant impact on how that person performs at work. Services are 100% confidential, so the relationship is safe between the Counsellor or Coach and the employee.
Here’s the good and the bad news. Most EAP’s charge an annual retainer but only have an uptake of around 5%. Reasons vary; services may not be offered in a suitable location; the employee may not relate to the allocated Counsellor; lack of understanding about the program; fear that the issues will be reported back to the workplace.
So here’s the good news. At Human Angle, we do things differently.
1. Pay as you go. Rather than paying an annual retainer for a program that your employees may not access, with us, you only pay for what you use.
2. You know me. We’ll have met, built a relationship and you’ll know whether your staff are likely to benefit from the experience.
3. Local convenience. Based in Healesville, we’re just around the corner from your Yarra Valley based business.
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Credit: Dibbs Barker, HR Daily