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Same Same But Different

  I've been able to catch up on some TV time recently and I'm really enjoying watching The Block. Firstly, because I love renovation/home shows. Secondly, because the people on the show are really interesting. Not just from the entertainment value of laughs, but the situation they are in and how they're all handling it. Now you might be wondering what [...]

By | September 3rd, 2016|Melanie Jane|0 Comments

Mind Over Matter

This saying popped into my head a few days ago: 'Mind Over Matter'. Growing up it was kind of flippantly used as a 'You can do it!' type of encouragement, but I never really thought about what it meant. Mind over matter. Over the past few years, but more so recently, I've been reading and [...]

By | May 13th, 2016|Melanie Jane|0 Comments