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Inside Bullying at Work

- Are you a people manager or business owner employing staff? - Do you see your people as your greatest asset? - Would you like to learn about what bullying looks like, so you can protect your business? This FREE one hour information session will provide you with knowledge to start taking steps to deter [...]

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The Mental Health Care Plan

The Mental Health Care Plan is government supported funding that allows people access to counselling services. You can see a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or listed allied health practitioner and receive a rebate for your session - sometimes there's no cost and sometimes you might pay a gap, up to around $60. First, you need to see your GP who [...]

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Employee Assistance Program

Human Angle: Your Local Employee Assistance Program If you're a Manager or business owner, you'll likely understand the impact of your employees taking sick leave or underperforming in their roles. In Australia, businesses lose $4.7 billion per year in absenteeism...but what's scarier, is that they lose $6.1 billion per year due to presenteeism. Presenteeism is [...]

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Your Business Partner

People often ask what we do here at Human Angle. Is it Counselling? Is it Human Resources? The answer is Yes and Yes. We do both. So, why do we do it? In life and in business, people are central. As human beings in society today, we spend most of our time focused on our personal and professional [...]

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Achieve Your Goals

We often think about counselling as something you do when you hit rock bottom. And often times, it is the case. Breaking point has arrived, we're in the water and yelling out for a lifesaver. That's totally ok, and sometimes it takes the shock of the situation to get us to put our hand up. [...]

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Why Would I See a Counsellor?

Historically, mental health has had a pretty negative stigma attached to it. Awareness and education is starting to break this down, but in the past, going to a Counsellor or Psychologist might have been seen as being weak or unstable. How horrible to experience shame at a time when you are probably feeling really isolated and need support. I see it the other [...]

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HR in 2017

Do you want to reduce risk in your business? Are your Human Resource practices up to date? The rules seem to change so often! And HR in 2007 is not HR in 2017... When you're busy running your company, the focus is (importantly) on your product. Taking time to review other aspects, such as employment contracts, [...]

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Human Support

Are you wanting to support your employees? Do you see value in increasing your Employee Benefits offering? Throughout their time with you, employees will go through a range of issues, causes from both inside and outside the workplace. Remember - your staff are humans too! No one is infallible against illness, the loss of a [...]

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Reader Request: Resilience

This is my first reader request. The topic of resilience comes up often in my work, as a Counsellor and HR professional. Because resilience, in work or personal life, is part of being human. So for you, as a human, possibly also a Manager or staff member, business owner or parent, this might be worth [...]

By | March 7th, 2017|Melanie Jane|0 Comments

The Damage of Diminishing

We've had some wild and woolly weather here in the Yarra Valley; storms seem to be the new black. I'm not sure what it is about storms but they freak me out, possibly a childhood fear from watching Dorothy's house take off in the Wizard of Oz, who knows. What I do know is that they unnerve me. [...]

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